Jim and Marci Knauss, Seller Clients, 3520 Moye Trail
When Jim and I knew we were moving to London we wanted a Realtor that was a professional, and that would work hard to sell the value of our house. With Mary Floyd we got the total package. Her integrity is shown in her professionalism.  She doesn't "sugar coat" or stretch the truth to get your business - she tells like it is. She didn't make claims she knew she couldn't deliver and was honest and straightforward.
She was present at every showing and always put showing our house in front of her personal time. In fact, the people that bought our home called her on a Thursday evening and she called me asked if I wanted to show it.  I did, so she dropped everything and was there in 15 minutes. The other agent had said that her client only stays a few minutes in each house and he was just previewing.  Mary knew our home so well that she had him there for over an hour explaining every detail. He was the one that ended up buying.
The process wasn't easy.  She had to work with us, our relocation company, the E & Y corporate relocation bureaucracy, and the buyers that were relocating from out of town. She never wavered from her professional kindness, she gave feedback after each showing, and advertised our home so well that people from Switzerland saw our home but it was already under contract.  They came to look at other houses and ended buying in Sugarloaf.
I can't say enough about how hard Mary works to sell a home. Her professional photography show the best features of your home and are exceptionally done. The time she takes to market and show your home goes above and any other real estate agent I have ever used. She comes across very knowledgeable when she showing your home and that puts potential buyers at ease and keeps them in your home longer.  Most importantly, even though she had other homes I always felt mine was the most important as I'm sure her other listings did also. She was at every showing. If you are thinking of listing your home the best choice in Sugarloaf is Mary Floyd.
Jim and Maria McDavid, Buyer Clients, 2202 Broadfield Run 
I cannot thank you enough for helping us with our transition to Georgia and for finding a new home and new community to live in. Your service went way beyond any that I have ever experienced from a realtor before.  Not knowing anyone I was a little nervous. I found you on the internet of all places! You accommodated my busy schedule with 2 children who were also interviewing at schools at the time.

I was so pleased with the amount of information that you made available to me. You helped us locate a school, doctors, hair dressers and most of all a wonderful restraint. You made my busy visit with the kids so a pleasure, carting us around from home to home. Bringing us to the club to meet the staff and show our son the golf course. You took the time to find out the things that were most important to us and you covered every detail.

We are so happy in TPC Sugarloaf. You were so right about it being a family community with lots of kids. It was more like riding around with a good friend than it was a Realtor. You made us very comfortable and you accommodated my hectic schedule.

Thank you again for the all the things you did for our family. You made this move very easy for us. I know that I would recommend you to anyone moving to the area. You cared so much about us finding the right fit. Never pushing me and always looking out for my best interest. Thank you again Mary, you made this move to Georgia a blessing!

Michelle Dios, Keller Williams, Buyer's Agent - 1650 Sugarloaf Club Drive

Mary was a pleasure to do business with.  Her knowledge as a resident and "insider" of Sugarloaf Country Club was very helpful to me as a buyer's agent.  More importantly, it was helpful to my clients.  She answered all our questions and shared many valuable details about this property and the amenities of Sugarloaf Country Club and the surrounding area.  Her online marketing was incredible and that was what attracted my clients in the beginning.  As a co-op agent, Mary could not have been more professional or responsive - and is clearly a seasoned negotiator.  I look forward to doing business with Mary and her client's again in the near future.   

Jon Johnson, Seller Client, 1650 Sugarloaf Club Drive

Thank you very much for all your hard work and expert advice on the sale of our  property.   Your insight on getting the property ready for sale and the  recommendations for vendors was so helpful.  I know that made a big difference and we did not  have the time to deal with all of this.  We were concerned that  it would take a very long time to sell since this was such a unique property.  In the end, we got a successful contract in just 90 days!  Your online marketing and print materials were really good.  In fact, my family still loves that video you created.   I really appreciated your extra attention and thoughtful consideration in dealing with my father.  I know that working around his schedule made it logistically challenging for showings.  I think another factor was that you knew the property and the community so well.  Having you there personally at showings to tell the right story was very effective.  Thanks for all your insight in negotiating a successful transaction and thanks for doing this in such a professional and thoughtful manner.